Wetzel Engineering, Inc., produces highly competitive product designs for our customers through the smart application of cost-effective advanced technology.   Our goal is that each of our customers be the most competitive actor in their market space with our support. Founded in 2001 by internationally recognized wind energy and composite materials expert Dr. Kyle K. Wetzel, the company has provided services to more than 60 clients on four continents.

WEI is one of the leading wind turbine consultancies in the world, offering services related to turbine optimization, controls engineering, blade design, pitch system engineering, dynamics and loads simulations, system integration, and structural engineering. The company has been based in the energetic and fast-growing Austin area since 2014, when we added capacity to perform prototype and small volume composite fabrication services in our 9,000sf shop. We have also expanded our field services, including non-destructive testing using ultrasound and microwaves, up-tower inspections (interior and exterior), engineered repair services, and root cause analysis.

Our specialty is engineering rotor blades.   We have developed tools that can produce the most highly optimized aero-structural designs.   We perform blade engineering from A to Z, including aerodynamics, CAD modeling, dynamics and loads simulations, structural modeling, design documentation, manufacturing work instructions, test plans, and on-site support for manufacturing and testing.

Kyle K. Wetzel, Ph.D