WEI develops custom controls systems, including advanced Region 2½ controllers and controllers with asymmetric gain schedules for tuning performance and reducing loads. We use MatLab/SimuLink to develop, optimize, and tune the controllers for each wind turbine, and these SimuLink models can be saved as DLLs that will communicate with GH-BLADED, FAST, and ADAMS.

WEI has demonstrated to achieve an excess of 20% reductions in loads on a given wind turbine just from careful design of the controls system design (in-built and custom)

We can isolate controller performance issues that produce inadequate turbine response behavior that can result in excessive loads. Tuning controls systems is both a science and an art. We bring to the process both technical tools and experience that allows us to solve problems that are experienced in the field.

Wetzel Engineering performs dynamic simulations of wind turbine systems using GH-BLADED, ADAMS/AeroDyn, and FAST/AeroDyn. We have developed custom automation tools that allow us to perform 4,000 to 8,000 independent simulations of turbine operation in order to satisfy the stringent requirements for loads certification according to the IEC 61400-1, -2, and -3 standards and the requirements of various certification agencies, including Germanischer Lloyd and DNV.

We perform Full Blade loads as per IEC and GL guidelines for:

  • Fatigue and Extreme Loads Calculations
  • Modeling of Off-Standard Load Conditions

Our technology allows us to perform full system loads for:

  • Turbine and Tower Loads
  • Advanced Dynamic Analysis
  • Loads Analysis for Non-Conventional Configurations: Dual Rotor Systems, Tidal Turbines, etc.