Wetzel Engineering has launched a new initiative, Black and White: Composites Redefined, for promoting the use of composites in architectural and infrastructure industry space.

Design – Build Services

WEI offers aerodynamic, structural design and analysis services to architects. WEI’s value proposition is in being able to provide realizable artistic designs that can be realized through a combination of choice of smart materials and engineering. We push the bounds of imagination and take architectural designs to the next level. WEI also offers prototype fabrication services. High quality custom designs produced in small volume can be manufactured in our Round Rock facility. WEI servers as a one stop shop for all engineering and prototype fabrication needs.

Educational and Training Programs

WEI shall offer educational and training programs for composites based applications. Training programs are carried out in parallel to ongoing projects. The goal is to transfer the general know how of composites materials and their applications to our clients.

Innovative Design Concepts for Interiors

WEI collaborates with architects to design and manufacture modular room interiors i.e. for a given space WEI shall create modular all composite custom furniture units. The goal of these designs is to ensure adaptability and changeability in a particular constrained space. The furniture modules could be easily reconfigured into different designs.